Information For Bali Travellers

Welcome to Bali we hope you enjoy your stay. 

Here’s some basic tips and tricks and some Do’s and Donts while in Bali to make your trip that little bit easier. 

This is only a guide and is by no way a definitive.

Don’t drink Tap water. The water here is not as treated as overseas. Instead take the safe route and drink bottled water instead.

Wear a helmet when riding your motorbike.Accidents are very common here and hospital bills can very quickly end up in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Do take out health/travel insurance. Many people come to Bali without adequate protection. Travel insurance is affordable and a great way to protect yourself from Theft, Illness, Cancellations and many other scenarios. Enjoy your stay and know that if something goes south… you are covered.

Don’t walk around the streets half naked. The Balinese are very tolerant people however it is highly offensive to get about the streets half naked. Put a singlet on and respect the locals.

Don’t use ATM machines in Mini-Marts or on the street. Bali has a big issue like the rest of the world with ATM skimming. Stay safe and use a Bank branch ATM with a guard. He will have a white or blue official looking shirt. Its his job to protect the ATM from any nasty cyber criminals looking to clean out your bank account.

Don’t use unauthorised Money Changers. There are many tricks here with unauthorised money changers. A big give away is an exchange rate much better than the official. Also walking down the back alley to get to the exchange or in a random shop down the back. An authorised money changer is an office. It usually has a guard, it will ask for your passport or your personal details on a form. It almost looks like a bank. If your not sure ask someone who will point you in the direction of an authentic money changer.

Don’t flash cash/valuables around. Indonesia is a developing economy and as such some people turn to petty theft in order to live. Flashing wealth around and being careless can result in tears. Trust us we see this everyday. Bali is a fairly safe place. However use your common sense.

Don’t get drunk to the point of not knowing who you are. You are overseas keep your wits about you. Many stories take place of people not keeping their wits about them. Especially at night time. Enjoy yourself but remember you are in a foreign country.

Avoid walking backstreets at night time alone. Petty theft does occur so please use a Go-Jek( motorcycle taxi) or one of the many other transport options available.