Staying Connected in Bali- Where and How to Find the Best Local Sim Card?

Staying Connected in Bali- Where and How to Find the Best Local Sim Card?

Are you considering Bali as your next holiday destination? Then it would be best to get a local sim card as it helps avoid the high cost of roaming services. While on vacation in Bali and its surrounding destinations having internet access is necessary for booking taxi scooters and staying in contact with friends and family. You will also need the internet when searching for nearby eateries and tourist attractions. Remember to post all the trip pictures on social media platforms.

Hence getting a Local Sim Card in Bali is the best way to make your trip hassle-free. SIM cards in Bali are quite reliable and affordable at the same time. You will find a 4G network throughout the island. Purchasing a local sim card gives you a reliable way of accessing the internet and communicating without stretching your budget. The following section is a comprehensive guide on how and where to get a SIM card when traveling to Bali.

Where to get a local sim card in Bali?

Travelers and tourists in Bali can get their hands on local sim cards from the airport or in mobile shops present on either side of the main tourist street. You will also find numerous small phone shops present in all corners of the island.

However, the best decision would be to get a Bali sim card even before the start of your trip. It is helpful as you will not have to worry about finding a SIM card after landing in Bali. You can pick up the SIM card at the airport or get it delivered directly to the hotel in Bali through online booking. As both these options are quite convenient, it would be helpful to understand the difference between them.

You are choosing to get the SIM card delivered to the hotel. The service provider delivers the local sim card to the hotel. Also, you are likely to get additional discounts. However, one drawback is that you must provide all identification details before arriving in Bali. The information should reach the SIM card provider at least a day before arrival.

On the other hand, when you choose to get a SIM card from the airport, it is equally convenient and has an operating window of 24 hours. You must provide all the identification details at the booth before collecting your Local Sim Card in Bali. However, you are likely to pay more for the same data plan. Sometimes you may have to queue to collect your sim card.

Picking up a local Bali sim card at the airport

This is the perfect option if you need internet after landing in Bali.  As you arrive in Bali, you can conveniently collect your sim card from this provider's booth at the airport. The counters for sim card collection remain open 24 hours every day of the week.

As per the Indonesian government's regulations, travelers must provide personal data before activating their local Bali sim card. The friendly staff handles the SIM installation and activation process, so you need not worry about anything. They help every customer activate and register their sim card on the spot so that it becomes usable before they leave the airport. The only issue you might face is navigating a queue for sim card pickup.

Hotel delivery of your local sim card

As discussed, this is another convenient option for getting a Local Sim Card in Bali. It might include delivery charges. However, the reality is that the prices can be cheaper by about 20%.

However, you were required to provide additional personal information to the SIM card provider one day before the delivery date. Typically the information involves a photocopy of the passport, a photo of a selfie with the passport, phone type, and IMEI number. These are designed for travelers with 25 GB of data and 25 minutes of voice calling. These packages are usually $10 and offer a validity of 30 days. Tourists purchasing Telkomsel SIM cards directly from the airport will pay upwards of $20. 

Booking a sim card online through, you can pay by card or cash when you pick up the SIM card. Paying cash is a safe option as it gives a 14-day period for sim card activation. The operators usually follow a no-refund policy if your travel plans get canceled.

After landing in Bali, as discussed, you must show the invoice to the staff at the booth. However, according to the latest regulations, you will require a GraPARI location for exploring places other than Bali.

To complete the registration process, you are required to give the original passport along with the IMEI details. You must give both IMEI numbers if you carry a dual sim phone.

With the proper IMEI number, the phone will work with the new SIM card if you need to know the IMEI number of your phone. Type *#06# on the dialing pad. Details will pop up on the screen in no time.

If you need to remember to get a SIM card at the airport, the best option is to walk around the local streets and get a SIM from a mobile shop. However, it will be a pleasant experience if you have good bargaining skills.

Tourists that wish to have simple and easy arrival at the airport can do so through customs. For that, they need to fill in the declaration before the flight. Next, they will require to show the QR code on their mobile phones at the time of immigration.

How to find the best sim card in Bali

Options are abundant regarding getting a Local Sim Card in Bali. You might need help with the wheel choices. Below are some of the best sim card options available across Bali


Telkomsel is the most prominent network in Indonesia, offering exceptional coverage throughout the island. They provide special prepaid packages for travelers in Bali with a validity of 30 days. The data plan options consist of 7GB, 25 GB, and 35 GB packages.

XL Axiata

Another top sim card provider in Bali is XL Axiata. They offer affordable prepaid plans with good network coverage in Bali. The company has a wide range of data plans, including 8GB, 18 GB, 25 GB, 44 GB, 65 GB, and 83 GB.


Javamifi is a popular choice for travel SIM cards across Indonesia. This can become your perfect choice as the plans remain valid for 30 days.

Top-up charges in Bali.

When topping up a Local Sim Card in Bali, you can either take help from a vendor, use the service provider's app, or enter the USSD code. Using the app is the most convenient of the other options.

Users can download the app from the Apple app store on Google Play Store and register with OTP received via SMS.

If you are more comfortable with the USSD approach, dial *363# to find the best availability. SIM card providers always have special offers to attract customers. Always check the recent offers and data plans before putting in any money.

In Bali, it is best to avoid agents on the street. It is recommended for both getting sim and topping.

Another important thing to consider in Bali is that one minute get what they have paid for—the agents try to mislead travelers by recommending insufficient data plans. When topping up from the agent, it is best to get a receipt. Also, remember to check the data balance before handing over the phone to someone else.

Other than the above recommendations, you should keep an eye on the APN settings of your mobile. For a seamless experience, you can enter APN for personal hotspots and cellular data.

Some of the most dependable mobile networks in Bali

As seen from the above discussion, several mobile operators exist throughout Bali. Following are some of the reliable sim card providers on the island.


The company stands out for providing exceptional coverage across all island corners. Another notable feature is their dedicated SIM cards for tourists and travelers. Both communication and internet access is excellent using this sim card. It is respectively beneficial for places that do not have a stable Wi-Fi network.

XL Axiata

XL Axiata is specifically suitable for exploring places like Badung and Denpasar. However, it has limited coverage in Ubud.


It is a perfect choice if you visit places like Yogyakarta, Badung, and Jakarta.


The service provider is known for providing good coverage in areas across South Bali.

Using data plans available with local Bali prepaid SIM card

Choosing and using data plans for local Bali sim cards becomes easier with You just need to pick the mobile operator of your choice. The recommended data plans will automatically get pre-determined.

Suppose to get the SIM card from an airport booth or a mobile phone store. The local vendors will provide complete guidance with the SIM card activation. They can also give packages that are similar to the ones discussed before. In most cases, they will ask you the amount you are willing to use as top-up credit. It is when the user does not use any internet package. recommends using internet packages in place of simple mobile top-ups. It gives access to different social media platforms and more data for internet usage, emails, and more.

What alternatives do travelers use to stay connected in Bali without a local sim card? You will always have access to the hotel's Wi-Fi. Similarly, cafes and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi to their guests. However, you do not get fast internet as the network is shared among many others. Remember, there are plenty of coworking spaces throughout Bali. These places are conveniently located close to the beach so that one can enjoy the holiday after finishing their work.

Internet coverage and data speed

Telkomsel is the fastest internet connection in Bali. You will get a high-speed and stable internet connection in Ubud. Upload speeds are low but sufficient for video calling on anything else you may do with your phone.

Purchasing SIM card in Bali as a tourist

Individual traveling or living in the United States is eligible to get a SIM card from any of the mobile operators in Bali. It is a simple and convenient way of storing and activating travel SIM cards. The prices are also quite reasonable and range between 10 to 20 dollars. Tourist SIM card in Bali is an excellent way to stay connected while on vacation.

You will be able to make phone calls and also access the Internet at the same time. With these plans, you get a local phone number and an easy way to contact your friend who isn't family back home. Some tourist sim card providers offer a variety of features like discounted prices on roaming, incoming calls for free of charge, and many more.

Tourist that does not has a resident card can only get SIM cards with 30-day validity. Also, you cannot add more data to your regional package as it depletes. Network coverage across Bali is quite good. When you choose to get a Local Sim Card in Bali from a vendor, they will help you with the installation process.

Next, you choose your preferred data plan, which is valid for 30 days. If you are getting an international roaming service, it is best to review the network coverage. Almost all of the hotels, restaurants, in cafes across the island provide free Wi-Fi for the guests. You will likely experience good internet connectivity in the co-working spaces across Bali.

Finding a Bali sim card with unlimited data

A local sim card with unlimited data is your best option for staying connected during your holiday. Unlimited data plans prevent running out of data and paying high roaming charges. You can use your sim card to access the internet and make phone calls at a relatively cheaper price. A Local Sim Card in Bali with unlimited data is an excellent way to enjoy good internet connectivity.

Final words

At present, Bali is one of the most preferred destinations. People worldwide visit the place for its pristine beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. However, most people need clarification about buying a Local Sim Card in Bali.

The above section gives a clear idea of getting a SIM card in Bali. It also discusses the different types of SIM cards available along with mobile operators. This will help you better decide to purchase a local sim card in Bali.

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