Bali sim card

Having access to mobile internet while on holiday is no longer a luxury as it was back in the day but a must have for planning your itinerary, staying in the loop of social media updates, business purposes as well as for emergencies. Benefits Of 4G Due to the unstable and unreliable nature of WiFi connection and the inconvenience that comes with setting up Fiber Optics, cable internet and ADSL, 4G network is considered by many as the best internet option for tourists in Bali. Despite its plethora of benefits, 4G network is not as readily available as 3G network, which can be found in most non-remote areas in Bali. There are currently only three providers for 4G in Bali: Telkomsel, XL, and Smartfren, with Telkomsel and XL having the most widespread and reliable coverage at the most reasonable prices. Reasons For Purchasing  A Holiday Phone To gain access to 4G network when travelling abroad, there are normally two options, getting a local sim card or renting a smartphone. Balisim2u makes the process much simpler by offering smartphone purchase of a Android Smart Phone comprehensively equipped with a local sim card with 16GB of internet . Tourist commonly purchase a local sim card to use on their own mobile phone in order to avoid roaming charges. However, people often overlook the possibility of their mobile phone being ‘locked’ to a certain sim card or network from the country of origin from which the handset is purchased, which means that you would need to get it unlocked by your provider to switch sim cards in your handset prior to traveling to Bali. Handset locking policies differ with each provider and can also vary depending on the type of device and package purchased. Some providers unlock mobile phone at anytime for free while others may only unlock after a certain period of time and will charge a fee. This is common for mobile providers in the UK, Australia and US. To find out whether your sim is locked to your, contact your mobile phone provider or experiment by putting in a different network sim card. Another reason why tourists may want to invest in smartphone rental is because some phones only allow one sim card at a time and after removing the sim from the headset, customers may not want to risk the chance of misplacing or losing their main sim card during their holiday. In light of this, it is very common for users and not just those on a business trip to buy a smartphone rental package. Benefits and Features Of Purchasing A Balisim2u Smartphone At the low price of $80 Balisim2u offers users the Smart Android Dual Sim Phone combined together with a free local registered sim card, 16gb of 4g Data  Taking into consideration the vital need for internet as a traveller in Bali, the convenience and mobility of having a mobile internet connection, and lastly the benefits of renting a smartphone, the Balisim2u service and network comprehensively meets all these needs. 
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